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Top 10 Best Fantasy Harem Anime You Should Watch Right Now

Top 10 Best Harem Anime

For you anime fans, you are usually familiar with the term anime harem. Although often associated with vulgar content, many harem anime present very danceable and touching stories without containing adult scenes.

If you're looking for recommendations for an over-the-top harem anime at its best in fantasy and magic, let's take a look at our list below!

Best Fantasy Harem Anime Recommendations To Watch

Although it does not contain any vulgar scenes, the harem anime is still not suitable for children. Therefore, be careful while watching it!

Well, before we get to the list of harem anime recommendations, first let's identify the explanation for the harem anime itself. come on!

What is a Harem Anime?

There are many genres of anime that we know. Maybe you've often heard about harem anime, but don't know what harem anime means?

Harem anime is a popular sub-genre of anime, just like the Isekai or school genres. This anime genre tells the main character (usually male) who in the story is surrounded by characters of the opposite sex.

Not all anime of the harem genre focus only on these elements, but many also present these elements only as spices to make that anime more interesting. Especially if the character's figure is described as very charming.

Some harem anime are also classified as ecchi anime, where characters of the opposite sex are often presented as sexy or lightly dressed. But not all of them include ecchi anime and many do not even include vulgar scenes or sounds.

List of the Best Harem Anime

Now, after knowing the explanation of what harem anime is, OTAKUGLITCH will give you recommendations for the best harem anime in 2021. Who knows, this anime series might be your friends watching at home.

Here is a list of the best harem anime recommendations:

1) Nisekoi

The first best harem anime revolves around Raku Ichijo, a teenager who lives in a Yakuza family. One day, he accidentally met a girl named Chitoge.

Chitoge is the daughter of the leader of the Yakuza group who is the rival of Raku's father. And it turns out that their parents had planned their pairing.

Raku and Chitoge had both hated each other from the beginning. And in fact, Raku himself had fallen in love with another girl. Like it or not, they have to pretend to be dating and love each other.

2) Highschool DxD

Another of the best ecchi anime with the harem genre that you must watch, and it is already available on Netflix, you know. Highschool DxD tells the story of Issei Hyodo who dreams one day to be surrounded by women.

Suddenly, he met a girl named Yuma who killed him while they were dating. Then a devil, Rias Gremory, saved him and then reincarnated him as a devil.

Issei now has to live his life as a devil, and one of the facts he has to accept is that he is surrounded by many beautiful and adorable female devils.

3) Date A Live

This overpowers harem anime tells of the state of the Earth after being shaken by a powerful earthquake, and then often experiences small earthquakes. Shidou Itsuka, the main character, lives with his younger sister, Kotori.

When the city they lived in was hit by an earthquake, Shidou and Kotori tried to save themselves, but they saw the figure that caused the earthquake.

Eventually, they joined the group of exterminators of the evil spirits. Unique, Shidou had to use his charms to attract and defeat the spirits that caused the earthquake.

4) Haganai: I don't have many friends (Haganai: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai )

The next harem anime is about Kodaka who just transferred from the school. But unfortunately, he didn't have a chance to make friends because he had a hostile face.

He then meets a classmate who likes to be alone and often chats with her imaginary friend. The two of them eventually formed a club called Neighbor's Club.

This club is specifically for students who feel different and have trouble making friends. At the club, Kodaka himself is unknowingly surrounded by many beautiful and scantily clad girls, which makes him a bit ecchi.

5) Trinity Seven

Next up is a fantasy magic harem anime about the magical world. One day Arata must face the fact that his world has been destroyed and his cousin, Hijiri, has disappeared.

However, Hijiri left behind a magical book, which Arata then used to restore his normal life and forget about the fateful incident. Arata then meets a magician named Lilith, who is surprised to find her world back to normal.

Lilith reminded Arata of the incident. Arata then decides to enter a wizard school to become a wizard and tries to find answers about the events of that day that destroyed his world and made Hijiri disappear.

6) Is This a Zombie? (Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?)

Ayumu Aikawa's life as an ordinary high school student comes to an abrupt end when he is tragically killed while investigating a suspicious house. But a wizard named Eucliwood Hellscythe resurrected him and turned him into a zombie.

Now immortal, Ayumu tries to find the killer. One day, he met a magical girl named Aruna and accidentally sucked her magic power.

For this reason, Haruna now orders Ayumu to take her place in tracking down strange creatures called Megalo that threaten the human population in this overpowering MC harem anime.

7) The World God Only Knows (Kami Nomi Zo Shiru Sekai, or KamiNomi)

The next harem anime is about Keima, a hikikomori teenager who spends a lot of time playing games. But he can melt women's hearts even if only in online games.

Keima then met a beautiful girl named Elucia. But it turns out that Elucia is not an ordinary girl, but a messenger of the devil who wants to extend his influence on earth.

Keima tried to help the people who had been affected by melting their hearts. Will Keima be able to save the earth? Check out this interesting Isekai mastery harem anime.

8) Ouran High School Host Club (Ouran Koukou Host Club)

While harem anime usually tells the story of male characters surrounded by women, Ouran Koukou Host Club tells the opposite story, namely women surrounded by men.

Due to an accident, Haruhi Fujioka has to pay back her debt by disguising herself as a male student at Ouran High School. she is also forced to join the Host Club, which contains beautiful boys.

It turned out that Haruhi had become famous there. Not only among the female students, but also among the boys.

9) The Fruit of Grisaia (Grisaia no Kajitsu)

Yuuji Kazami has just transferred to Mihama Academy and wants to live a normal life. However, this proved to be impossible after learning that the school contained only one principal and five students.

It turns out that the five girls had a traumatic experience that took them away from the hustle and bustle of the world. Mihama Academy had become their home.

Will Yuuji be able to save them? Learn more in this psychological harem anime.

10) Toradora!

The latest harem anime recommendation is called Toradora, which tells the story of Ryuuji, a kind, calm and quiet young boy. But often mistaken for fierce because of his hostile face.

On the other hand, there was a girl named Taiga who was very passionate and fearless. It's just that because of her small body and pretty face, she is often underestimated.

The two finally agreed to work together because they fell in love with each other. You will certainly be touched by the story of this anime which is also of the romance genre.

I hope you find our article useful. See you in the next interesting article exclusively on Nightleaks!