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Anime Shaman King has a new Project about the Younger Generation of its Characters

Anime Shaman King has new sequel announcement

The famous Shaman King adventure and action manga left an unforgettable mark when it came to light in the mid-nineties, and its popularity increased by turning it into an anime series that was launched and flourished globally at the beginning of the millennium and in 2021 the anime returned to the masses in a completely new look with a modern version that gained its luck from the popularity and the tyrannical mass as well. And with the end of its last episode showing only a few days ago. The staff announced a new anime project through a quick teaser (as in the video above) about a new anime titled Shaman King 2021- Zoku-hen that will deal with the events of the manga chapters titled Shaman King: Flowers.

News New Shaman King Anime Gets Sequel

Debuted in April 2021, the series is now being streamed by Netflix and will have a total of 52 episodes. Serving as a revamp for the Shaman King anime which originally premiered in 2001, the new series adapts all 35 volumes of the manga’s new complete edition. The complete edition was published in print volumes by Kodansha in Japan June 2020.

Plot Summary :

One night, when Manta Aoyamada was surprised that he was late for school, he decided to take a shortcut through the town cemetery, and during his walk, a lonely boy sitting on a gravestone called him, “Why don’t you look at the stars with us!” For Manta to realize that the plural “us/us” belongs to the boy and his ghost friends, he flees in terror!
But Manta then again encounters the boy (who later introduces himself as "Yu Asakura") after saving him from a group of thugs, explaining to him that he is a shaman in training, and that his strength is shown through the ghost of an old samurai "Amidamaru" 600 years! Hence, a special friendship developed between Manta and Yu, and with the help of Amidamaru, they set out to achieve Yu's goal of becoming the next Shaman King, by preparing for the Shaman Battle, in which shamans from all over the world meet each other. 500 years to compete for the title.