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The Most 5 Best Anime by Studio White Fox You Need To See

The Best 5 White Fox Studio Shows Fans Should Watch

Studio: White Fox

Established in April 2007 by former OLM Incorporated producer Gaku Iwasa, White Fox is a Japanese animation studio based in Tokyo. Although their first main work was the anime adaptation of Tears to Tiara, the studio gained recognition after their critically-acclaimed anime adaptation of Steins;Gate followed by the just as acclaimed Katanagatari. Since its founding, White Fox has worked with and/or for several known companies, such as A-1 Pictures, Sunrise, Xebec and AIC.

Similar to Kyoto Animation or ufotable, they generally only put out two or three anime series a year, but the shows they do put out usually become very popular among the anime community. Their works have primarily consisted of adaptations of visual novels, light novels, and occasionally manga. Shows put out by this studio often tend to be Darker and Edgier in nature often featuring gratuitous amounts of violence and suffering. Though some of their shows are more serious not because of violence, but rather due to focusing on mature themes.


Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World

Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- has indeed become a very popular Isekai anime lately. The anime by studio White Fox, which was released in 2016, has even received a rating of 8.28 on the MyAnimeList site.

However, Re:Zero is not the only anime from the White Fox studio. Besides Re:Zero, White Fox also has a myriad of epic anime that are no less exciting to watch. Here are five of the best anime from White Fox studio that is no less exciting than Re:Zero. Check out the following list.

2. Steins; Gate

If you are a fan of the time travel-themed series, Steins; Gate is the anime recommended for you. This anime is about Rintaro Okabe, a mad scientist who spends most of his time creating discoveries with Mayuri and Daru.

Until one day, Okabe's life changed completely after he managed to find a new invention, namely a microwave that can send messages to the past. Interestingly, messages sent to the past can also change history.

3. The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Previously, Sadao Maou was a Demon Lord known as Satan. While he was about to take over Ente Isla, Satan was stopped by a hero named Emilia. Afterward, Satan loses his powers and is thrown to Earth.

On Earth, Satan has to disguise himself as Sadao Maou who works part-time in a fast-food restaurant. To survive, Sadao must live as a human because he cannot use his powers on Earth.

4. Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill! focuses on a young man named Tatsumi who travels to the capital to save his village from poverty. However, upon arriving there, Tatsumi discovers that the capital is not what he imagined it to be.

After being deceived by a woman, Tatsumi discovers that the capital is a terrible place. There, commoners were allowed to suffer and killing commoners was a natural thing. Until finally, Tatsumi meets and decides to join Night Raid, a rebel organization that aims to overthrow a corrupt government.

5. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer is one of Studio White Fox’s newest anime. Released late 2018.

The anime’s so vile and savage, it caused a public outrage on Twitter. And even Crunchyroll ignored it in their “anime awards” for 2019 because of its reputation.

That being said – the violence in this anime is overrated as it only happens in the first episode. Every episode after that is pretty tame.

If you enjoy anime like Log Horizon or a similar adventure series, Goblin Slayer is similar but more bloodthirsty and especially darker than most adventure anime.

After all is said and done – the anime isn’t too bad and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. And you might get the same experience out of it.

Those are the five best anime by White Fox studio that is no less exciting than Re:Zero. So, of the five anime above, which anime will you watch first?