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Top 5 Detective Anime Series you Should Watch

Detective Anime, These are the Top 5 titles you Should Watch

Detective anime can be a fun entertainment alternative during your free time. With a story full of puzzles, this type of anime always manages to make the audience curious and follow the story to the end.

With an interesting plot that is not easily predictable, it is natural that fans of crime anime are growing day by day. Well, for those of you who need an interesting show, take a look at the following recommendations for the best crime anime.

Detective Anime

1. Detective Conan

Detective Conan

The first crime anime that should be familiar is Detective Conan. This title is the biggest crime anime series, which has many fans from all walks of life.

Tells the central character named Shinichi Kudo, a brilliant 17-year-old. Until the day he joined a group suspected of doing illegal things. Unfortunately, his actions were captured, and almost got killed with poison.

Unexpectedly, the poison did not kill him. However, he shrank and turned into a 7-year-old child. To save himself, he changed his identity to Conan Edogawa.

From there, he began his adventure as Conan and solved many cases. He is also trying to find a way to return his body to what it was.

2. Death Note

Death Note

Then there is Death Note, which is undoubtedly the best crime anime. Its popularity also makes Death Note the best-selling crime anime of all time.

Starting from a teenager named Light Yagami who accidentally found a mysterious notebook called Death Note. The book belongs to the god of death named Ryuk.

With supernatural powers, the name of anyone recorded in this book will experience death according to the author's will.

Possessing the Death Note, Yagami intends to rid the world of criminals. He began to write down the names that he thought deserved to die, to free the world from criminals.

3. Psycho-Pass


Then there is a crime anime called Psycho-Pass. This anime takes place in 2113, where Japan applies the Sybil system, a technology used to check mental states, to detect signs of evil known as Psycho-pass.

But apparently, there is something suspicious about this system. It is not uncommon for the Sybil system to be inaccurate and arrest innocent people instead. Until Akana, who has realized this, begins to investigate the case.

4. Detective School Q

Detective School Q

The next detective anime you should not miss is Detective School Q. This anime tells the story of a famous special detective school in Japan called Dan Detective School.

This school was founded by Morihiko Dan, a famous Japanese detective who has solved many criminal cases. The story is centered on the character of Kyu Renjo, a teenager with above-average intelligence.

Together with his friends who have different abilities, Kyu solves various complicated cases. Not only that, he and his friends must also deal with a mysterious organization called Pluto.

5. Hyouka


Finally, there is Hyouka, which tells the story of Houtarou Oreki, a high school student who seems lazy. However, he has strong instincts, as well as a reliable problem-solver like a professional detective.

Once, he joins the classical literature club of his school, meeting Chitanda Eru. She is a beautiful student who has a great curiosity for everything. Until something happens that brings Oreki and his friends face to face with various mysteries, which also concern their club.

These are the top 5 detective anime recommendations, which will not disappoint you. So, which anime title did you choose for tonight's viewing?