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The 20 Best Sports Anime Ever Made (Ranked)

The 20 Best Sports Anime Ever Made (Ranked)

Captain Tsubasa is one of the most popular legendary characters in the anime universe. Tsubasa is probably the most famous sports anime in the world. Apart from Tsubasa, there are still many cool sports on the theme of the anime that is interesting to watch.

If you are bored with the theme of soccer, just take a look at the list of the best sports anime below. With various sports, you can find out for yourself which one is the most exciting!

Not only do you learn to burn your spirits and your enthusiasm, the following recommendations for the best sports anime also invite you not to give up easily. Serious but still entertaining.

1. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk, slam dunk anime netflix 2022

If you want to know the best sports anime of all time, the number one position deserves to be labeled Slam Dunk. This anime of the basketball world is legendary. Even the best sports anime can increase the popularity of basketball in Japan.

Hanamichi Sakuragi is a delinquent who has been rejected by women 50 times. He meets Akagi Haruko, his target girl. The girl suggests Sakuragi join the basketball team of Shohoku High School. Although he has no experience at all, he finally joins to impress Haruko.

At the same time, Sakuragi's rival, Kaede Rukawa, also joined the team. Coupled with Hisashi Mitsui, the former best basketball player in junior high school and Ryota Miyagi, the team led by Takenori Akagi is determined to win the national championship. This basketball anime seems very motivating, right?

2. Initial D

Initial D Anime, Netflix

Initial D is an anime on the theme of car racing. This show tells the story of Fujuwara Takumi, a high school student. He works at a gas station during the day and is a tofu shipper at night. He wanted to help and reduce the burden of his father.

Slowly, he was able to drive the Toyota Sprinter AE86 Trueno that his father had modified. With this car, he later became a reliable driver.

3. Hajime no Ippo

Hajime no Ippo Anime on Netflix

Hajime no Ippo presents a story that focuses on the growth and dramatic actions of the underdog. As told by Ippo, a high school student who is often harassed and bullied by thugs without being able to fight back.

One day, being bullied by thugs, he is helped by a professional boxer named Takamura. Takamura managed to make the thugs escape after he managed to remove all their buttons.

Ippo is amazed and wants to become a boxer like Takamura. In the morning, he was brought under a tree and learned how to carry a jab. He had to pick up 10 leaves that fell from the tree quickly. After he succeeded, he then went to Kamogawa Sasana to become a boxer.

4. Suzuka

Suzuka Anime, Manga

The best sports Anime entitled Suzuka tells Yamato Akitsuki. He is a young man from Hiroshima who moved to Tokyo. Yamato has a neighbor named Suzuka Asahina who is a high jump athlete. Yamato fell in love with Suzuka.

To pursue love and impress Suzuka, he volunteers to join the sports team of her new school. After joining, he discovered his new talent to become a 100-meter runner.

5. Air Gear

Air Gear Streaming online , Anime Air Gear

This sports anime tells the story of the mechanical roller skating industry. Itsuki "Ikki" Minami is the leader of the East Side Gunz or Higashi Guns youth gang. On his way home, he was humiliated by a storm rider group called Skull Saders.

Later, he reveals the hidden secrets of his adopted family, the Noyamano brothers. It turns out that they are members of the famous group of storm riders called Sleeping Forest. After fulfilling his grudge, Ikki then gets involved in the mysterious world of Air Treks.

6. One Outs

One Outs

One of the most popular sports in Japan is baseball. If you are interested but not good at it, maybe you can watch this anime as a source of motivation.

Hiromichi Kojima is a star in the Japanese Pacific League. He met Toa Tokuchi, a pitcher with pitches as fast as 83 miles per hour. Toa is also the king of the game known as One Out.

Because of Kojima's pressure, Tokuchi finally enrolled in the Lycaons, a low-level baseball team with an unusual contract. If he wins, he will receive 5 million yen for each victory. But if he loses, he must be prepared to lose 50 million yen for each game.

7. Redline


If you want to review the race, check out the best sports anime called Redline. Redline itself is the biggest, most popular, most dangerous, and most illegal race. The story of this anime focuses on the hustle and bustle of the race.

When they almost entered the finish line, the car that was driven by JP exploded. The explosion was due to sabotage by his colleague who is a mechanic named Frisbee. Both of them were previously imprisoned for rigging the results of the match.

8. Chihayafuru


This time it will be a little different from other sports anime. Chihayafuru is about the card sport aka Karuta.

Chihaya Ayase is an outspoken and tomboyish elementary school student. He has a dream to see his brother become a model to become number one in Japan, even the world. But his meeting with Arata changed his life. Arata explained that dreams have to do with oneself.

From this child too, Chihaya found the joy of playing Karuta. Over time, Chihaya has become a beautiful girl. His interest in Karuta has not changed at all. He is determined to found the Karuta club and make it the best in the world.

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9. Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko no Basket

The basketball anime titled Kuroko no Basket tells the story of the team's strength in winning games. Kiseki no Sedai is a team composed of 5 members and a mysterious sixth player.

This anime begins on the search for members in the basketball club held by the team Seirin High. The club has the arrival of an athletic basketball player from America, Kagami Taiga. There is also Tetsuya Kuroko, a kid from Teiko Middle School who is the sixth member famous for being mysterious.

Many people underestimate Kuroko because of his ordinary stature. But with Kuroko's "invisible" abilities and Kagami's perfect physique, the team is determined to beat their opponents.

10. Tsuritama


Yuki Sanada is an awkward young man. Because of work, he and his grandmother had to move frequently. He finds it difficult to establish long-term relationships with his friends.

His fear of social interaction is quite great. When asked to say goodbye, he always froze in fear. However, this changes when he meets Haru, a strange boy who claims to be an alien.

On the other hand, there was Natsuki who taught him to fish. Although reluctant, Yuki slowly enjoyed the activity. Meanwhile, Akira, who was sent by his organization to watch Haru, finally finds out that aliens are hiding in the sea near Enoshima. He has to work with Yuki, Haru, and Natsuki to stop it.

11. Free!


Free! is a sports anime about swimming. Narrated by Haru, a boy who can't live without water. During this time, he devoted himself to swimming sports. In high school, he decided to quit because there was no swimming club in his school.

However, his old friend continued to persuade Haru and took him to the pool during college. Unexpectedly, he met someone there who challenged him to swim again. This was the encounter that awakened Haru's obsession with swimming.

12. Inazuma Eleven Go

Inazuma Eleven Go

This sports anime is a continuation of Inazuma Eleven. Since Inazuma Japan's victory in the FFI competition 10 years ago, the world of youth soccer has been completely regulated by Fifth Sector. The Fifth Sector is an organization headed by the Holy See, His Excellency Alex Zabel.

Not only managing coaching, but the organization also regulates the final score of the match. Even long before the match started. The goal is to maintain the prestige of each school.

On the other hand, the players could not fight either because they were threatened to be dissolved. Until one day, there was hope from two people who had great motivation to win. They are Matzukaze Tenma, a new student of Raimon Junior High, and Nishizono Shinsuke, Tenma's best friend who calls for the reform of soccer.

13. Diamond no Ace

Diamond no Ace

Diamond no Ace is one of the best sports anime of all time. Because it was so popular, this anime ran for 126 episodes. The show tells Sawamura Eijun.

Sawamura Eijun is a pitcher who joins the team with a brilliant catcher named Miyuki Kazuya. Together with other team members, they did their best to win the Koushien National Championship with determination.

14. Haikyuu!!


Haikyuu!!! aired in 2014 is present in several seasons. But you could say that the second season is the best-seller in the market. For those of you who love volleyball, you might want to check out the cool and intricate moves of each character.

Hinata Shouyou is a middle school student who loves volleyball since she watches the national championship on TV. Despite his small size, he is determined to follow in the footsteps of the Little Giant national championship players.

Feeling inspired, he started a volleyball club and actively practiced with his three new members. He also invited two friends from different clubs to join the tournament. Even though in the end he lost a lot after facing Kageyama Tobio, he was determined to continue to fight him again and again.

15. Ping Pong The Animation

Ping Pong The Animation

It can be said that ping pong or table tennis is a sport that is rarely the focus of cartoon stories. This time, there is Ping Pong The Animation that tells the activity. With anti-mainstream and touching stories, you can be addicted to watching them.

Hoshino Yutaka and Tsukimoto Makoto are best friends since childhood. They often play table tennis together. When he was in high school, the coach of his school's table tennis team had more hopes for the two players. However, an incident occurred in which Yukata gave up.

16. Aoharu x Kikanjuu

Aoharu x Kikanjuu

A handsome man who owns a cafe meets a student named Hotaru Tachibana. The man named Masamune Matsuoka thought that the student was a young man. Eventually, the man recruited the girl into a shooting team at his school.

Meanwhile, the girl always wanted to say she was a girl. But this opportunity always fails. Sometimes she even feels embarrassed because she knows that the man does not want women in his team.

17. Ballroom e Youkoso

Ballroom e Youkoso

Ballroom e Youkoso is the best sports anime that tells the world of dance. Tatara Fujita is a middle school girl who has no purpose in life. Her time is always spent on useless things.

But his life began to change when she saw a mysterious man who took him to a ballroom dancing class. There she saw a wonderful pair of dancers. Then she was inspired to dedicate his youth to the world of dance.

18. Megalo Box

Megalo Box

Megalo Box is a show created as a tribute to the legendary anime Ashita no Joe. The struggle of the main character of this anime is full of joy and sorrow.

The main character uses the ring name JD or Junk Dog. He is an underground boxer who is forced to take punches from his opponent to survive.

For people who have no social status but have a knack for boxing, pretending to lose is the way to make money. Despite this, he always wanted to become a professional Megalo Boxer.

However, everything has changed since he met the world champion named Yuri. He promised to reach the biggest ring and beat the previous winner. With the help of gangsters, JD manages to compete with the new name, Joe.

19. Eyeshield 21

Eyeshield 21

This anime tells the story of American Football named Devil Bats, led by Yoichi Hiruma. Yoichi is a genius quarterback who often uses his wits to win matches.

It is said that the club is currently short of players to enter the inter-school championship of American soccer. At the right time, Deimon High School has a new student named Kobayakawa Sena.

He can run very fast. Hiruma also tried to force Kobayakawa Sena into his team as a Runningback.

20. Prince of Tennis

Prince of Tennis

Prince Of Tennis is a sports anime about tennis. This anime story focuses on Ryoma Echizen who strives to be the best tennis player in Japan. This series exposes the real skills of tennis in the world of professional tennis.

These are the best sports anime recommendations of several sports. There are many other sports anime that are no less exciting. If you're done looking at all the lists above, stick to the other titles that interest you!